Would you let Microsoft in your Front Door?

I just heard about this awesome new product that Microsoft is about to release!  It’s called Fuse and it will change your life by integrating all Microsoft products through Office 365! Continue reading


SharePoint Designer 2013 crashes when switching to workflow design view

I generally teach, on average, one class of SharePoint Training per week.  These classes range from Introduction courses to Administration and Business Intelligence. Continue reading

How to turn on Site Newsfeeds in SharePoint 2013

We at PremierPoint Solutions recently completed our upgrade to SharePoint 2013.  Well, I should say that we are about 99% complete. There are the usual quirks of a SharePoint upgrade that we are working through. One of the quirks is that when we upgraded our Intranet, the Newsfeeds feature for each site is not available by default.  So my question became, how to turn on Site Newsfeeds in SharePoint 2013 for our upgraded sites?  Continue reading

Why aren’t you using SharePoint Gantt Charts Already?

I’m finding that a Gantt Chart is becoming one of my favorite views to use in SharePoint.  Despite its flaws, I’m enjoying and finding creative uses for the graphical display of information, especially in situations where you really just need a snapshot estimate of what you are looking at.  Why aren’t you using Gantt charts already? Continue reading

aWhat can SharePoint do for me?

I hear this question all the time.  Sometimes it is phrased a little differently but the biggest hurdle to users engaging SharePoint is being unaware of what is possible.  What can SharePoint do for me? Continue reading

Migrating to Office 365

I recently spoke with an organization that is migrating to Office 365.  There are multiple reasons why this happened but surprisingly none of the reasons were for end-user features.  In fact, the organization worked well already and the reasons to switch had more to do with the technicalities of providing services rather than that business processes needed improvements.

So why is this important?  Continue reading

5 Signs You Have a Bad SharePoint Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint is a very popular system for building collaborative intranets in organizations large and small. It is a very flexible platform, and it’s relatively easy to build a site with lots of features such as document libraries, task lists, calendars, and the like. Many organizations, however, jump right in without understanding the ins and outs, and without understanding how existing process might need to change to make their SharePoint site all it could be. Without that understanding and effort, you might end up with a bad SharePoint implementation.

the frustrations of a bad SharePoint implementation

What’s the downside of a bad SharePoint implementation?

It’s a truism in life that people don’t like change. If they see no advantage to SharePoint, they will drag their feet in using it. If it’s difficult to use, they won’t use it. The key to having a successful – and helpful – SharePoint implementation is Continue reading